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Facet Barcelona’s Classics collection is stocked with iconic best-seller jewels and competitively-priced pieces. Offering a wide range of designs available in multiple sizes, carats and lengths.

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The Luxury line is the most exclusive and spectacular from Facet’s collections. The earrings, rings, tennis bracelets and necklaces are developed in an exquisite, high-end jewelry designs available in high carat diamond weight and splendid shapes.

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A fresh, versatile, stackable up-to-date line, made with extremely bright small diamonds that give a special shine to the jewels. This trendy collection mixes at is best design, allure and lighweight, providing to the jewels a fashion and luxury affordable look. 

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The Colors collection highlights the most intense and vibrant colors of gems and precious stones, such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines and aquamarines. These high-end jewelery pieces are made of gold refined details, where stone shapes and colors stand out above all. 

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