Facet’s jewellery shop invests half a million euros in a new factory in Cordoba

The company, led by José Miguel Serret, expects to have a turnover of 30 million euros next year. The factory occupies a thousand square metres in the Jewellery Park of the Andalusian city.

Facet gains industrial muscle. The Catalan jewellery company has invested half a million euros in a new factory in the Parque Joyero de Córdoba, as the company explained in a statement.

The new factory occupies a thousand square meters and will be one of the largest in the park. It is expected to be operational by next Friday and will employ forty people. Facet will be set up in Cordoba by a local partner, the manufacturer Alias Concept.

The company also has a diamond factory in India and is developing a gold traceability project. The factory in Cordoba will be dedicated to the production of high quality jewellery.

Facet expects to reach thirty million euros in turnover next year

Facet was launched in 1987 by José Miguel Serret, who continues to lead the company. Serret began his career importing diamonds and had two trading companies in the capital of Cordoba.

Today, Facet produces all kinds of jewellery items and for nearly a thousand companies. The company had a turnover of 24.4 million euros in 2019 and expects to reach 30 million next year. 70% of its turnover comes from abroad, where it operates in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.