Facet Group opens this Friday a factory of fine jewellery in Córdoba’s Jeweller Park

The brand is installed in the capital of Cordoba by Alias Concept SL, a local partner, and plans to invest half a million euros in this new project.

The Catalan jewellery firm Facet will begin a new chapter in Cordoba with a project that will involve an initial investment of half a million euros and the hiring of 40 people, most of them qualified personnel. The businessman José Miguel Serret, owner of the brand, is behind the launch of a factory of high jewellery, which occupies one thousand square meters in the Jeweller Park (one of the largest on the campus) and the transfer to the capital of Cordoba of this company that expects to bill next year 30 million euros. The idea is that the factory will be operational this Friday.

The jewellery businessman, who founded Facet in 1987, explains to Córdoba that he has known the city and its jewellery industry for years (he even had two diamond salesman in the capital of Córdoba, before the crisis in the manufacturing industry) and that his goal is to open in Córdoba -a city with great logistical possibilities, he says- the first high jewellery factory. “Córdoba’s jewellery industry is a more of a mass market; what we want to reach is a new segment of consumers for whom we need another type of production, with high technology machinery and finishing”. “Why not aspire to be a reference at a national level and the great brands of jewellery to be made here?” asks the businessman for whom his project will mean “added value” to what is being done in the capital of Cordoba and will contribute a grain of sand.

With subsidiaries in the United States, Israel, India and Germany, Facet has begun to hire its personnel for the Cordoba factory – through a contracting company – and has begun to bring in clients “so that they can get to know Cordoba and see how the jewellery is made here”. “We want to put in value the jewellery tradition of Cordoba, the art and craftsmanship of this city”, adds Serret.

Facet’s establishment in Cordoba will be done by a local partner, Alias Concept SL, with which Serret says it has “many affinities” and will produce 80% of the manufacture. “They are also making a very important bet and are investing in machinery, development and personnel,” says Serret, who has not only moved his business but has come to live here.

Facet has a diamond factory in India, the country where more than 90% of these stones are cut despite not being a place of extraction, as well as patented diamond cuts. In addition, the company is developing a project for the traceability of gold and, according to Serret, they are the only jewelry company in the world that can boast and certify the entire journey made by their jewelry, from its origin to its sale. “We are a completely sustainable company and have established a sustainability protocol throughout our chain,” he adds proudly.