Cordopolis: The luxury jewelry firm Facet Barcelona will open a factory in Cordoba

The founder of the company, Josep Miquel Serret, has reported that the new building is the result of an alliance with a local partner and will employ about 40 people

The luxury jewelry firm Facet, founded in Barcelona, will open a factory in Cordoba that will employ about 40 people and will involve an investment of half a million euros.

According to this newspaper, the company will be installed in the Parque Joyero “imminently”, although the news about the landing in the city was given a few weeks ago by the founder of Facet, Josep Miquel Serret, in an interview in the newspaper La Vanguardia. “It is one of the few remaining jewelry squares in Spain. We will be allied with a local partner. We will invest half a million and give work to 40 people,” he explained about the jump to Cordoba.

The local partner that Serret talked about is the company from Cordoba Alias Concept, as this newspaper has been able to find out. It is one of the leading manufacturers in Spain for exports, also established in the Parque Joyero. When asked, ALias Concept did not give many details about how these companies will work together, although they did clarify that “this is not a joint venture nor are they partners”.

Facet, which started with the import of diamonds, produces in India all kinds of items (rings, necklaces, earrings) and then sells them to a thousand companies. 30% of its sales are produced in Spain and 70% abroad, in Germany, France, UK and USA, where it opened a subsidiary 6 years ago to sell its own brand.

The group had a turnover of 24.4 million euros in 2019, a figure that does not reach the record of 30 million in 2007, which according to Josep Miquel Serret, co-founder of the firm, he expects to maintain this year, despite the pandemic.

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